From A Dream … To A Passion … To Reality!

Ask culinary artisan Aaron Hodge what makes him happy, and he’ll likely deliver a mouthful so artfully prepared, you’ll understand the origin of passion.

“Cooking Is My Passion
and Food Is My Love”

Aaron is quick to share.


“I’ve been inspired by the passion of top chefs such as Emeril (he had me at “BAM”) since I was 5 years old and by the culinary talents of my father, mother, grandfather and grandmothers, and now I prepare everything from hors d’oeuvres and desserts to complete holiday dinners”.


My ambition is to be an
Executive Chef and launch my own Restaurant or Catering Company.


I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts & Business Management from The Culinary Institute of America.


Since 1997 I have participated with my dad and volunteered my time and culinary talent as an apprentice chef for the annual Men in the Kitchen community fundraiser in Howard County, Maryland.


“Recipes give me ideas … but I love to create with fresh ingredients and to entice with inventive twists in preparation and presentation.”


Best of all, Aaron is the kind of chef you’ll find cooking for pleasure to serve his family and hosts of friends, because it’s an expression of his artistic talent.


Never simply a client, a menu, or an event to plan, your call to Aaron’s Ambrosial Culinary Delights will enchant you with captivating palate pleasers.


Aaron will cater to your every desire, freeing you to indulge, relax and enjoy.

Bon Appetit!



I look forward to making
your next event
an enchanting delight
for you and your guests!

Aaron LeRoi Hodge
Award Winning
Apprentice Chef

President & CEO






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