Thanksgiving 2008 Highlights


I took GREAT PRIDE in preparing the entire Thanksgiving dinner for my family (Nov. 2008). I spent Wednesday shopping and preping. I got up early on Thursday and prepared my entire menu (a 4-course menu!).

My family was very pleased with my menu … Here are some of the highlights:



Here is my 4-course menu:

  1. Appetizer #1: Baked Scallops wrapped in bacon and garnished with avocado
  2. Appetizer #2: Baked Portobello mushroom topped with Crab Meat
  3. Entree: Slow baked, moist Turkey with conrbread stuffing. My Turkey sat on a base of vegetables (carrots and celery)
  4. Desert: “Aaron’s Ambrosial” Pumpkin Ginger Bread Truffle. Topped with whip cream!